This is Manu

Creating solutions for real business problems


I build digital solutions

Creating or integrating custom applications for your needs

With a focus on results.

💻 Fullstack knowledgeable

💅 Frontend focused

📈 Results oriented

Less is sometimes more

I'm a software developer and consultant, and I've been designing and developing solutions on the web for the better part of 10 years

I do:

Web-apps, presentational sites, e-commerce, maybe the new BookFace idea

Do a brain-dump with me

You have a business problem; you want to save time, optimize costs, sell a new product, have a fresh new idea for the market and you need someone to help you create your vision 🏗

And yeah, I like animations

Tell me your thoughts

Need help on a project? Want to do a collaboration? Need an opinion? Want to grab a coffee?

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